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Candy Crush Saga has new content available in a fresh expansion available today for the iOS, Android, and Facebook game.

Developer King released the Dreamworld pack for Candy Crush Saga that takes players who finished level 50 of the popular match-3 puzzler — the most downloaded free-to-play game of 2013 on iOS devices — to a new, dream-inspired land. In Dreamworld, players meet Odus the Owl, who adds an extra layer to Candy Crush Saga’s gameplay.

“We’re thrilled to offer new and existing Candy Crush Saga players an exciting new way of playing the game,” King designer Tommy Palm said in a statement.

While players are crushing candies, Odus the Owl asks them to crush certain treats to help keep him on his perch. This adds just a bit more pressure to King’s popular puzzler.

“We hope that the new Dreamworld mode will prove a fun twist for newcomers to the game and a tantalizing challenge for our loyal fanbase,” said Palm. “As with all our games, we endeavor to offer our valued players a regular flow of exciting new content – we hope that they will love the new map, as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it.”

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle title where players must match certain colored candies to eliminate them. It’s free to play, and it’s regularly among the most-downloaded and highest-grossing games of the year on iOS and Android.

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