We’re nearly out of 2013, and that means we’re only around three months away from the launch of Titanfall for Xbox One. Developer Respawn is preparing for the debut of its new shooter by continuing to establish its fictional sci-fi world with informative videos about the titan robots that players will pilot in battle.

The latest trailer details the Atlas, which is one of the giant fighter mechs we’ve seen in a number of the previous Titanfall clips.  In the history of Titanfall, Atlas is the “workhorse” of the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) faction’s fleet, and it is seemingly a well-rounded weapon that performs well in a variety of scenarios.

Check out the video to get a closer look at the Atlas:

Titanfall is due out March 11 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. It is the first title from rookie studio Respawn Entertainment. Previously, Respawn’s founders and executive staff were the heart of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward.

Respawn is working with publisher Electronic Arts on the shooter, which has on-foot human soldiers fighting alongside and against others in giant robot armor. The studio always intended to focus on the Xbox One version of the game, but following the major hype for the title, Microsoft and EA agreed to full exclusivity that guarantees the game will never hit PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

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