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Some users are reporting that their new Xbox One consoles are leaking a strange liquid substance, but that’s new to Microsoft.

Late last week, a small number of Xbox One owners on Microsoft’s forums reported that their consoles were seeping an oil-like fluid from their top vents. Xbox forum user Cynical Anarchy said that the liquid dried and crusted over like old milk, but he also said that it wasn’t causing any apparent problems.

GamesBeat reached out to Microsoft, and a company spokesperson provided the following comment:

“While we have not seen any cases as described, we know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions, and we have many avenues for them to get the answers they need and get back into the game as soon as possible. Anyone who believes they are experiencing issues with their Xbox One should reach out to us.”

Microsoft also provided some ways that users can get support; that includes the aforementioned Xbox forums, its customer-support number (800-4MY-XBOX), and its Xbox support Twitter. Xbox One players can also get diagnostics by saying “Xbox help” to the console using its voice-command system and the Kinect camera.

While Microsoft says it is unaware of any potential seeping-oil issues, it is fully aware of some other common Xbox One problems.

Following the console’s launch in November, a number of users reported that their next-gen Microsoft consoles came with busted disc drives. The company acknowledge the issue and promised its customers that it would provide full support in addressing the problem.

Sony’s PlayStation 4, which also launched in November, suffered from its share of hardware problems. In the days following its debut, PS4 owners reported that some of the consoles were crashing and failing to output video.

These kinds of errors are not unheard of during major consumer-electronics launches.

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