The premier tablets from Google, Apple, and Microsoft are powerful mobile devices capable of playing stunning 3D games … with touchscreen controls.

Wikipad, an Android tablet maker, revealed today that it’s getting into the mobile peripheral business with a universal controller add-on called Gamevice to add console-quality buttons and analog sticks to tablets. The controller device is compatible with Android and Windows 8, and it stretches out to lock in large tablets like, well, a vice.

The hardware manufacturer hasn’t revealed a price or release date for the controller peripheral. The Gamevice features two analog sticks, four face buttons, two options buttons, a directional pad, and four shoulder buttons. Like the Wii U GamePad, the right analog stick sits above A, B, X, and Y.

Prior to Gamevice, Wikipad released the Wikipad 7, an Android tablet that comes with a custom-built controller dock. While the controller and tablet work as advertised, the overall experience is “crappy,” according to our hands-on with the slate.

“We value the opinions of our community,” Wikipad president Fraser Townley said. “We heard from many people who either expressed love for the Wikipad 7 or who already owned an iPad or an Android or Windows 8 mobile device and wanted us to make a controller that worked for them. We are currently working on versions for Windows 8 and Android devices.”

That currently leaves iOS out. Apple introduced native controller support in iOS 7, and Wikipad is looking into adding support for that and additional operating systems.”

“We have not forgotten other important OSes, and we hope to announce additional support [for] those in the near future,” said Townley.

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