Google is in. Facebook is in. So are Chartboost, Flurry, and InMobi. HasOffers, Tapjoy, Millenial, and SponsorPay all also made the cut.

VB Mobile Ad indexThe VB Index for the top 10 mobile advertising companies was born last year. Finally, in January 2014, after multiple revisions and thousands of responses from hundreds of VentureBeat readers, the final report is ready.

That report, and VentureBeat readers, tell us many things …

  • Easiest mobile ad network to install and deploy?
    That would be SponsorPay, a new entrant to the top 10, along with Tapjoy and Chartboost.
  • Highest-rated mobile ad network?
    Tapjoy takes the honors.
  • Most-used mobile ad network by companies with more than 100 employees?
    Chartboost and Facebook take the lead.
  • Least clear support model?
    Chartboost or Flurry.

The surveys you submitted also provided a clear view into where advertisers send their ad click, or tap. Many who use SponsorPay are funneling clicks into an app store — more than on any other platform. Almost all Facebook advertisers, conversely, are funneling visitors to a landing page, as are almost all Tapjoy advertisers.

Interestingly, Google AdMob advertisers show the greatest diversity in just what they do with the attention they purchase:

mobile ad index

If you participated in the surveying process, the report will shortly be in your in-box. If not, however, and you’d like to purchase it, please let us know here.

There’s plenty more in the report, of course.

And although we’ve called it the final report above, there really is no such thing. The report will see regular updates and will be re-issued from time to time. Look for them in your in-box if you purchase or if you have contributed to the report.

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