President Obama typically travels across the country following his annual State of the Union address.

But, this year, the President is also coming to a Google+ Hangout near you.

On Friday, January 31, three days after he addresses Congress, the President will take questions from people across the country in various Google+ Hangouts, which the teach giant is promoting as “the first-ever Presidential Hangout road trip.”

“President Obama will ‘travel’ the country in a virtual whistlestop tour,” wrote Ramya Raghavan, head of Google+ politics and causes, in a blog post announcing the event. “He’ll hop into Google+ Hangouts with people from across the United States to answer their questions and hear their thoughts about the topics he addressed in his speech.”

Google prompted potential questioners to record a 60-second video with their name, location, a little about themselves, and the question they’d like to ask. They should then post it publicly to YouTube or Google+ with the hashtag #AskObama2014.

President Obama previously participated in a “fireside Hangout” following last year’s State of the Union address.

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