Battlefield 4 fans may vote on future game-balancing updates

battlefield 4 air superiority giulin peaks

Above: Aerial combat in Battlefield 4's Giulin Peaks map. Anti-aircraft weapons and stealth jet cannons are two things that might be rebalanced based on fans' votes.

Image Credit: DICE

DICE is listening to Battlefield 4 players and asking for their input. But this time it’s not about bugs — it’s about balancing.

The triple-A Swedish developer has noticed certain suggestions and complaints about the military first-person shooter’s weapons and vehicles, and it’s asking fans to vote on each idea on the official Battlefield blog.

According to the blog post, “We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches. But we need your help in identifying next steps. Let us know what we should focus on next by voting in our balancing poll.”

Over 30,000 fans have already offered their input, voting “yes” or “no” on the five questions. A thousand others took to the comments to give unrelated suggestions or complaints.

The Electronic Arts-published Battlefield 4 has been riddled with major bug and glitches since its launch, although DICE has fixed many of them by now. During that time, hardcore fans took to the Internet en masse to let the studio know how dissatisfied they were. Some are still complaining about remaining issues and removed or changed features from the previous game in the series, Battlefield 3.

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