When I win a match in Street Fighter IV, it’s a momentous occasion. A rare, blind-luck occasion — but one that I want to share with the world. Now, Capcom is planning on giving me that capability.

The publisher revealed today that Ultra Street Fighter IV, which is due out in June for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will YouTube functionality. That means that players can upload their matches to the video-sharing site so other people can see exactly how they Hadouken’d and Tiger Knee’d their way to victory.

“You’ll be able to select any match from your battle log of online matches and choose whether to upload it, in low or high quality, directly to your own YouTube channel,” Capcom U.K. community manager David Hinds wrote in a blog. “Whether it’s the best comeback since Daigo versus Justin Wong, or perhaps you had an encounter with a pro player you want to share, this feature is great for those who are yet to own a direct capture device and want to show off their favorite Ultra Street Fighter IV moments.”

Ultra Street Fighter IV hits PS3 and Xbox 360 for $40. Those that already own Super Street Fighter IV can upgrade to Ultra through a downloadable patch for $15. It also will appear on PC after the June console launch — but it will only cost $30 due to the delay. Ultra adds tweaks to balance the current roster of characters, and it introduces four fighters that weren’t in Street Fighter IV.

Capcom’s fighting game is popular on sites like YouTube. People enjoy watching close matches that skilled players upload through the use of video-capture devices and software. This YouTube integration should increase the game’s profile even further.

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