Learn-to-code startup Treehouse has just launched its newest course: a series of tutorials and tests to teach you iOS design.

“The course is perfect for anyone staring at a blank canvas, wondering how to start with design for iOS,” instructor Sarah Parmenter told me via email.

“Each stage holds vital but condensed information about best practices and tips and tricks to get you on the fast track to becoming a proficient mobile UI designer.”

Here’s Parmenter’s preview of the course material:

Videos and other materials in the coursework will take you from your initial idea through creating wireframes and eventually designing a user interface. You’ll write an ADS (application design specification) and create assets to share with developers, as well as adapt your iOS app designs for other platforms.

“Designing a mobile app is very involved, and we break it down into an easy to understand process that takes you from concept to a fully designed app,” said Treehouse founder Ryan Carson.

“The course is meant for beginners that know very little about user interface design to experienced designers that want to understand the mobile app design process.”

Of course, designers and would-be designers aren’t the only ones seeking experience in the slick, flat world of iOS interfaces. Developers are increasingly designing their own apps, as well. And lots of designers are working toward being able to develop their own apps.

“The course is centered around how to optimally design for iOS, so if you wanted to learn how to design and develop an app then we can proudly say that Treehouse will teach you both,” said Parmeter.

“Most developers are not very good at design, so this course will teach them fundamentals of user interface design for a mobile app.”

The course consists of 24 videos and five quizzes. Students learn iOS design while creating a diary app. Tuition ranges from $25 to $50 per month.

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