Did you know that WordPress sites make up 19 percent of the Internet?

Yeah. One in five websites is a WordPress site. VentureBeat is a WordPress site. Katy Perry’s site is a WordPress site. It’s kind of a big deal.

If you want to learn a quick(ish) way to build beautiful, clean, modern websites, WordPress is perhaps the best option.

However, many of us run WordPress blogs, love WordPress themes, but have no idea how it runs under the hood — or how we could better be using a wealth of WordPress tools to our advantage (myself included).

So that’s why we’re excited that Treehouse, a company that’ll teach you to code with online videos, quizzes, and tutorials, is launching a course for WordPress site-building.

Here’s a preview:

“WordPress powers a significant part of the web today, and knowing how to build a site with WordPress opens worlds to creating powerful, easy to update sites,” said Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson in a statement on the news.

“This project takes power users, people who know how to edit content and manage basic settings, and teaches them to begin building their own custom WordPress sites. They will learn how to step beyond using just built-in theme customizers and create and edit child themes. The course includes an introduction to HTML, CSS, and PHP as a part of the WordPress ecosystem. This is the starting point for anyone looking to work in the field as a WordPress theme developer.”

The course is taught by WordPress expert Zac Gordon.

Treehouse was founded in 2011 and has raised $24 million in venture capital funding to date. The company has offices in Portland, Ore., and Orlando, Fla.

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