Team Canada’s hockey squad has a bit of an advantage at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and it comes in the form of Jonathan Toews’s 4.3 million goals.

OK, that’s actually the number of goals the Chicago Blackhawks star has scored in EA Sports hockey sim NHL 14. The publisher has pushed out some data on some of the best players in its game that are also competing for the gold medal in Russia.

Toews is the top digital player with 4.3 million goals. His team Canada teammate Sidney Crosby is just behind him with 3.5 million. Russian captain Pavel Datsyuk (3 million goal) and U.S. star Patrick Kane (2.7 million) are third and fourth, respectively.

In terms of goalies, Canada once again takes the top two spots with Vancouver Canucks keeper Roberto Luongo racking up 4.1 million total wins and the Montreal Canadiens’ Carey Price clocking in at 1.5 million.

EA also noted that in terms of money, Canada’s national hockey club is full of stars who make a ton of money, with $150.9 million in annual salary for all the players. U.S. is second in this category with $119.8 million. Both teams trail Finland, however, in terms of total number of medals among its active players. The Fins have 14 medals while the U.S. has 13 and Canada’s got only 11.

EA sorted all of this into an infographic that you can check out right here:



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