Lovematically auto-likes Instagram photos for you. Try it before it shuts down

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What happens when you auto-like your friend’s photos? They like you more. Yep, that’s what happens.

Meet Lovematically: a new Web app that plugs into your Instagram account and automatically taps the ♥ button every time your friends share a photo.

Lovematically founder Rameet Chawla of the Fueled* development firm said he created the app so he could “spread the love.” Interestingly, he claims all of this love spreading helped him gain 1,000 new followers and increased the number of likes on his photos. Chawla says his new followers resulted from “the visibility of his username because it is always first to like a photo.”


At its best, Lovematically is a curious social experiment and powerful marketing tool for brands. At its worst, it lowers the value of the near-meaningless “like.”

Regardless of which side you’re on, grab the popcorn. Lovematically clearly violates Instagram’s terms of service. The app is only letting in 5,000 new users today, so give it a try.

*Disclosure: VentureBeat’s New York team works out of the Fueled Collective coworking space.

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