Q: Which popular iPhone quiz game is finally headed to Android?

A: Quizup, the free head-to-head quiz game from Iceland’s Plain Vanilla Games.

After launching last fall on the iPhone, QuizUp ended up reaching 10 million players in just two months. The app matches you with friends and strangers for lightning-fast quiz rounds. As of February, when QuizUp hit the iPad, Plain Vanilla Games claimed it powered more than 1 billion quiz matches.

Given QuizUp’s fast growth, which feels reminiscent of other hot apps like Instagram, Draw Something, and WhatsApp, it’s not a big surprise to see an Android app so soon. Indeed, Instagram’s Android app was likely one of the big selling points for Facebook’s $1 billion deal.

In my brief testing, I found QuizUp to be as smooth and addictive on Android as it is on iOS. If you’ve played it before, you’ll feel right at home. And if you’re new to the app, you’ll quickly understand what your iPhone-toting friends have been gushing about over the past few months.

“QuizUp has remained one of the top free games for iOS in over five countries since its release last November,” said Thor Fridriksson, the founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games, in a statement today. “It’s been incredible to see the QuizUp community grow month over month, knowing that we are fulfilling our mission to bring people together based on shared passions and interests through delightful gameplay.”

Plain Vanilla Games has raised around $27 million in funding so far, most recently with a $22 million round in December. Investors include Tencent, Sequoia Capital, and others.

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Plain Vanilla is an Icelandic Game Studio based in Reykjavik Iceland and in San Francisco. Plain Vanilla was founded late 2010 and published it’s first title, The Moogies with Chillingo on... All Plain Vanilla Games news »

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