Game-inspired latte art: You can finally drink Mario, Batman, and more

Late art featuring Super Mario.

Above: Late art featuring Super Mario.

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Lattes are boring. I refuse to drink anything boring, which is why I want to visit Japan for some caffeinated beverages featuring my favorite game characters.

Yuichi Ito is a talented “latte artist” that also owns a pizzeria in Japan called Belcorno. Ito, who posts online as “Belcorno,” doesn’t just serve regular old espresso and milk, though. Instead, the barista “paints” character portraits into the coffee. That often includes gaming heroes like Pikachu from Pokémon, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.

Belcorno posts these images to his Facebook page and Twitter.

We reached out to Belcorno and snagged a bunch of game-related latte art that you can check out below. Click through to the end to see some shots that explain how the artist creates these elaborate coffee decorations: