GamesBeat Community: Write about Titanfall


Above: You can leave your Titan on autopilot mode, which isn't as lethal but leaves you free as a tiny pilot to pick off anyone who's attacking your giant baby.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts
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After all of the hype and waiting, Titanfall is finally here. The competitive sci-fi first-person shooter is one of 2014’s first big releases, and it’s also a huge console exclusive for Microsoft. And we want you to write about it!

Maybe you want to do a traditional review. Maybe you want to write an opinion piece on the its odds lifting Xbox One sales. Hell, why not write an epic poem about your first match? As long as it’s related to Titanfall, we want it!

Just write your stories for GamesBeat Unfiltered, our community-focused site where all our readers can publish their own work. If you haven’t written for us before, just head over to our “about” page. It’ll tell you how to make your own account and submit stories. Our editors will select your best stories, edit them, and put them on GamesBeat’s front page.

Happy writing, everyone!