WalkMe makes a tool so you can “walk” customers through your websites, and it just raised $11 million in funding led by Scale Venture Partners.

“Great companies start with great products, and the best software products need no explanation once you see them. The minute I saw WalkMe, I knew that enterprises would adopt it,” said Rory O’Driscoll, a partner at Scale, in a statement.

That’s a little ironic, because it seems like the whole point of WalkMe is to help guide people through websites that do need some explanation — otherwise, why would they need a tool to help guide customers through them?

However, there’s clearly a need for this kind of tech, as anyone who has tried to navigate their way through an e-commerce site or a complex registration form will understand.

WalkMe customers use a Firefox plug-in to generate walkthroughs for their site, which they can then publish via adding a line of JavaScript to their site’s home pages. Visitors to the site will then see a button that, when they click on it, launches an interactive overlay that “walks” them through the site, step by step.

WalkMe offers a free version of its service, for up to three walkthroughs, and custom pricing for larger volumes. It touts add-on features, such as “engagement optimization, contextual promotions, advanced cross-selling capabilities, and advanced analytics,” which seem tailor-made for helping companies increase revenue and reduce bounce rates.

This round also included participation from Mangrove Capital Partners, Giza Venture Capital, and Gemini Israel Ventures. The company, which was founded in Tel Aviv and is now based in San Francisco, previously raised $6.5 million in funding.

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