Amazon’s drop-off “Lockers,” scattered throughout metropolitan areas, will now process returned packages.

The online retail giant has quietly rolled out the new service, which enables Amazon customers to return their items through the hulking metal Amazon Lockers in their local shopping store, grocery store, or garage.

It’s a win-win for Amazon and its customers: Amazon cuts down on order fulfillment expenses, which cost the company $8.59 billion last year, while customers get another way to return their drunkenly purchased items. Except that pull-up bar — that was totally a good purchase; also, it’s bigger than one cubic foot, which is the size limit for Amazon Locker returns.

Just like locker pick-ups, Amazon sends consumers a code they can use to open a specific Locker. Those folks have one business day to drop off their items. Returns through an Amazon Locker appear to cost customers the same amount as dropping an item off at a UPS.

Urbanites can find Amazon Lockers near them on this page.

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