Minecraft: Pocket Edition passes 21 million in sales — far more than on PC or console

Block-building indie phenomenon Minecraft has drawn the ire of the Turkish government.

Above: Block-building indie phenomenon Minecraft has drawn the ire of the Turkish government.

Image Credit: Mojang
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Minecraft’s cultural clout shows that it’s one of the most popular games around. And its sales reflect this as well.

The mobile version, which released in 2011, of the open-world block-building blockbuster has now sold over 21 million copies — 14 million more than developer Mojang has sold on PC or console. Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s sales put it solidly in first place for paid games on Android’s Google Play Store and second place on Apple’s App Store, where it has been overtaken by Monument Valley. When it comes to money made, it’s 30th on the list of top-grossing games on the Play Store and the App Store, with dozens of successful free-to-play games ahead of it. It is by far the best-selling version of Minecraft, which had sold 35 million copies total as of early February.

To celebrate the sales milestone, developer Mojang will host a live broadcast for members of the ubiquitous Reddit forum. They can ask questions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s developers, including Jens Bergensten, the lead developer of Minecraft and Minecraft: PE since 2011. More information and a link to the Reddit thread is here on Mojang’s website.

In other news, if you play Minecraft, you should change your password immediately. Mojang’s websites were vulnerable to a dangerous security loophole called Heartbleed, which we explain here.


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