Disney Interactive Studios is running out of ideas.

It’s no secret that Disney “borrowed” a few concepts from Activision’s Skylanders when they made Disney Infinity. Who wants to play as a boxing shark with steel claws when you can run around as Johnny Depp with a dead bird on his head, anyway?

Now Mickey Mouse and pals are emulating Animal Crossing in the form of Disney Magical World. This title is actually published by Nintendo, so it’s not a complete rip off, but still … . Wouldn’t you rather jam with K.K. Slider than have to endure Frozen’s Let It Go for the zillionth time?

It’s only a matter of time before Disney copies other famous video game franchises, so we came up with a few suggestions that will make everyone happy – except anyone who has worked on the original titles, or have enjoyed them.

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disney zelda

The Legend of Arthur (The Legend of Zelda)

Young King Arthur (The Sword in the Stone) has a lot in common with Link (The Legend of Zelda); they’re both blonde, wear funny clothes, and pull legendary swords out of stones. Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) makes a cameo appearance as Navi, the world’s most annoying fairy.

disney ac

Assassin’s Curse: Black Pearl (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag)

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) is the perfect man to sit in for Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag). All he needs to do is look for hidden treasure, kill hoards of nameless marauders, steal ships, and get betrayed by fellow pirates as frequently as possible.

disney mh

Monsters Hunter (Monster Hunter)

Life as a hunter was becoming boring for Clayton (Tarzan) until when he heard that people in Africa spotted new, bizarre creatures roaming the jungles. Those “animals” are actually Mike, Sulley, and Randall (Monsters Inc.). Apparently they walked through the wrong door portal on their way home from scaring children.

disney gta

Grand Theft Cars (Grand Theft Auto V)

Picture the city of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V. Now replace every vehicle with characters from Cars. Bleeding cars, screaming helicopters, and potty-mouthed, red neck tow trucks. That actually sounds like a nightmare.

disney pop

Prince Ali of Persia (Prince of Persia)

Disney wouldn’t have to do much to copy Prince of Persia. The game’s set in the Middle East, the villain is named Jaffar (the one from the movie is called Jafar), and the prince and princess are nameless, so they can just slap Aladdin and Jasmine on there and they’re set. Throw in a magic carpet and Gilbert Gottfried just in case.

disney titanfall

Titanfail (Titanfall)

The mechs from Titanfall are pretty efficient in the battlefield, unlike Hydros (Hercules) and the rest of Hades’ Titans. But these mythological calamities are immortal, and that’s a pretty nice advantage to have in a fight — as long as Zeus doesn’t enter the deathmatch.

disney sc2

StarCommandCraft: To Koprulu and Beyond (StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty)

Choose from three species fighting to take control over the Koprulu sector: Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) and the humanoid Space Rangers; the technologically-advanced Little Green Men; and the ruthless Zurg Swarm, led by Evil Emperor Zurg. Set your lasers from stun to kill.

disney eb

SpaceBound (EarthBound)

Disney’s 1979 sci-fi film, The Black Hole, can easily be adapted to a video game like EarthBound. Mad scientist Dr. Hans Reinhardt would play the role of Giygas, while Maximilian (pictured above) could replace the Starmen as a personal, robotic bodyguard. Instead of traveling to Earth to wreak havoc, they would scan the universe looking for black holes to study. Sounds as exciting as the movie’s plot.

disney tr

Tomb Braver (Tomb Raider)

Brave’s Merida is not your typical Disney princess. She’s defiant, a bit of a tomboy, and a skilled archer. That’s why she’s perfect to star in a knock off of Tomb Raider. Explore the world, craft tapestries, and kill bears. Just don’t expect a “nude code.”

disney dh

Donald Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt)

Hunting season just started, and Mickey Mouse craves duck stew. Point your shotgun at the flying Donald Ducks before they exit the screen. Simple. Pluto can help you retrieve bird carcasses, because what else is he good for, really?