Japanese media company Kadokawa said today it has acquired Dark Souls developer From Software in an effort to expand the studio’s reach into more entertainment businesses.

From Software, also known for series like Armored Core (which is about building and fighting giant robots, or mechs) and Demon’s Souls, is the maker of the notoriously difficult Dark Souls and Dark Souls II games, which Bandai Namco published.

Kadokawa Games, a 5-year-old video game subsidiary, will help develop and market titles with From Software. Kadokawa is a big Japanese company focused on books, magazines, film, games, animation, and comics.

The media firm said it plans to expand to new game platforms, new overseas markets, and digital platforms through new video game intellectual property.

Kadokawa Games has published titles like action games Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead in Japan. It also makes Demon Gaze, Natural Doctrine, and The Kantai Collection. Demon Gaze, a role-playing game, recently debuted in the U.S.

Kadokawa Games Limited was formed in 2009 as a subsidiary of Kadokawa Group, a print publishing company and is headed by former Tecmo CEO Yoshimi Yasuda. Working in collaboration with Kadoka... All Kadokawa Games news »

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