Titan killer? Bungie hopes its new trailer for Destiny will hook first-person shooter fans

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Activision and Bungie released a 7-minute gameplay video of Destiny today that they hope will sell core shooter fans on the massively multiplayer online game.

Made by the studio that created the Halo series, Destiny is a shooter game that plays like Halo but takes the storyline into a new fictional universe, where Earth is holding out against an alien invasion. Activision has bet big on Destiny, commissioning Bungie to work on multiple titles over the course of a decade. And more than 500 people are working on the game.

The trailer shows a cooperative mission dubbed Devil’s Lair Strike, one of many such actions in Destiny, where players engage in firefights with futuristic guns and fly through the air with jet packs. It has pulse-pounding music and cool-sounding weapons. You face off a boss dubbed Sepiks Prime. While the game is an MMO, it appears like you’ll be shifting from a single-player experience to a multiplayer experience in a seamless fashion. Bungie calls these public and private experiences, or “bubbles.”

Activision also said that GameStop Power Up Rewards members who preorder Destiny at retail stores nationwide will receive the GameStop Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow. This in-game, customized, red-colored personal transport features an upgraded boost, faster speed, and higher durability than the standard Sparrow.

Destiny is scheduled for release on Sept. 9.


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