Puzzle and Dragons makes more per player than the next 9 mobile games combined

Above: Puzzle and Dragons is taking over the world.

Image Credit: Zero Chan

Mobile gamers are spending less, but at least they still have some love for dragons.

Research firm SuperData revealed the mobile games with the best average revenue per user (ARPU) during a 12-month period that ended in March. Android and iOS hit Puzzle & Dragons easily tops the chart with $11.89 per player. That’s more than the other nine games combined. You can see the full list below:

April top mobile ARPUThe overall digital games market went down 7 percent from March to April. Specifically, mobile games slipped 6 percent. That’s fourth months of drops in a row. SuperData expects developers will try to fix the problem by moving away from the free-to-play model.

“It is true that most mobile games operate with a free-to-play mechanic,” SuperData states in its report. “But we anticipate a counter-trend toward premium mobile games. Already we’re observing some notable successes.” One example is Leo’s Fortune, a $5 mobile game that was the No. 1 paid app in over 20 markets.

SuperData contributed the success of Puzzle & Dragons to its multiplayer component, although you always need a little luck to have a breakaway hit on the crowded mobile market.

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Jen Mills-Perov
Jen Mills-Perov

VentureBeat, do you have any idea what you're talking about?  These numbers are completely bogus.  One of them is daily ARPU (avg revenue per user, I feel like I have to explain that to you), others look like monthly ARPU, and the rest are LTVs.

Ben Fehr
Ben Fehr

Being in the mobile gaming industry as I am and being involved in the games monetization, I have to look at these numbers and scream BS. Why? Because if these numbers where real, my Apps would be on that Top5.

Predictions and guessing while using the top names on the market is all I am seeing!

Adam Coate
Adam Coate

This is really great news for people who actually care about game quality. Free to play model trending downwards over the past 4 months, that's really just excellent for gamers. That means that the market is becoming more intelligent and discerning over time. Now if only the discoverability problem would be fixed by Apple and Google it might be worth actually developing a game for these devices.

Also, I don't like that Venturebeat went away from the Disqus comments system.

Fusion Affect Dev
Fusion Affect Dev

@Ben Fehr You may have high downloads or you may have high ARPU but i imagine you don't have both together :)

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