Raptr: PC gamers are playing way more Counter-Strike, Battlefield 4, and Team Fortress 2 than Titanfall

Above: Titanfall Expedition is a new map pack for the FPS.

Image Credit: Respawn

It looks like developer Respawn timed the release of Titanfall’s first expansion just right, because PC gamers are starting to abandon it.

The sci-fi shooter fell out of top-20 most-played PC games in April, according to the Raptr social network for gamers. That site tracks the play time and habits of its members, and it found that the biggest chunk of them are still spending their time with League of Legends. That multiplayer online battle-arena hit accounted for 14.5 percent of the time Raptr members spent playing PC games. Other games at the top of the list include World of Warcraft at No. 2 and Diablo III at No. 3.

But it wasn’t all the old standards at the top.

“The Elder Scrolls Online made a thunderous entrance into April’s most-played list after its April 4 launch,” reads a Raptr blog post. “On average, Elder Scrolls Online players spent 45 in-game hours this month, compared to an average of 35 for World of Warcraft players.”

Raptr tracks the activity of “tens of millions” of PC gamers (although it won’t specify exactly how many), which makes it one of the most-accurate resources for seeing what people are playing. Unlike the Steam service, Raptr can also track time spent in Blizzard titles and other major games not sold through Valve’s digital-distribution service.

As for Titanfall, the game didn’t just drop out of the top 20 — it plummeted all the way down to No. 29 overall. That doesn’t compare favorably to other first-person shooters. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was No. 6, Battlefield 4 was No. 7, Warframe was No. 9, and Team Fortress 2 was No. 14. Of course, Titanfall is likely much more popular with the console crowd, like its distant relative, Call of Duty (Titanfall’s developers created that popular Activision series). Call of Duty: Ghosts, which debuted in November, also isn’t in the top 20.

Respawn is actually releasing the first expansion for Titanfall today. The $10 add-on will introduce three new maps. PC gamers can get it on Origin now, while Xbox One owners can download it from Xbox Live.

While it used to track console gamers as well, Raptr stopped doing that in March. The new consoles don’t make it easy for the social network, and the company is going to focus on PC instead.

You can find more on Raptr’s blog and check out the full top 20 below:

The top-20 most-played games on Raptr.

Above: The top-20 most-played games on Raptr.

Image Credit: Raptr
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