Samsung is making a VR headset to beat Oculus VR and Sony’s Project Morpheus

Above: The VR versions of Strike Suit Zero for Oculus Rift.

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It looks like virtual-reality headsets are headed for the mainstream. Fast.

Samsung’s mobile division is now working on a VR headset, reports today say. The new product may be ready as soon as the end of the year. Samsung is trying to beat the Oculus Rift VR headset (which Facebook now owns) and Sony’s Project Morpheus to market, and it hopes to offer its headset at a lower price.

The Irvine, Calif.-based Oculus Rift touched off a wave of new interest in VR headsets for gaming and other applications. VR headsets are nothing new, but Oculus Rift’s product actually works — well enough to give me vertigo when I tried it. It’s also really fun. The two screens in front of your eyes show slightly different video images, simulating the 3D effect, and a couple of sensors detect your head movements so that you feel like you’re moving around in space. In short, the roller-coaster ride I viewed felt a lot like the real thing.

Samsung reportedly has given prototypes of its new headset to a number of game developers. The prototypes run on existing Samsung Galaxy devices, but as-yet unannounced Samsung devices will power the fully baked product that will go to market.

The Oculus product is said to be built with a bunch of Samsung parts and has faced supply chain issues in the past. So it’s no huge surprise that Samsung executives would hand down the directive to its mobile division to take those parts and make a Samsung headset.

But the South Korean giant will have a big job catching up with Oculus Rift. That device has already gotten its product into the hands of game developers, thousands of whom are now developing games for the device. It also now has a lot of development and distribution money to work with via its new owner Facebook after a successful Kickstarter gave it momentum.

Via: Engadget

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Joel Oguete
Joel Oguete

Who cares where the idea comes from? We consumers benefit from the competition (lower price, better performance). Apple and other innovators are very good at ensuring their ideas are protected under US and foreign intellectual property laws.

Jerry Hsiang
Jerry Hsiang

probably hard for them to not step onto one of those VR patent mines

Sean Lee
Sean Lee

Its cheating. Steal the idea after it gets buzz. Dump cash to bring to market fast and sell it cheap. Good for sales but cheating is cheating.

Tim Fox
Tim Fox

Richard Verdin Joe Aleman


@diegoromerosm inevitable y muy beneficioso, pero es muy importante que saquen productos de calidad para no echar atrás a la gente.

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