Steam reviews Watch Dogs: Uplay rage, dog puns, and snap judgments

It probably didn't sound so ambiguous during the original pitch.

Above: It probably didn't sound so ambiguous during the original pitch.

Image Credit: Dan Crawley
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Ubisoft’s highly anticipated open-world action game Watch Dogs has only just come out today, and already the community at online gaming service Steam is having its say.

Steam users haven’t held back when delivering their thoughts on a game which was originally due out six months ago. Ubisoft only announced the delay a few weeks before its original release date, and interest in it has increased since.

We’ve picked through several hundred Steam reviews to find some unusual takes on Watch Dogs, plenty of rage for Ubisoft’s online Uplay service, which is required to authenticate the game on PC (and is having a bit of trouble doing so), and one or two gamers who seem a little confused.

Rest assured, we didn’t find as many dog puns as you’d expect.

Some Steam users are a little hard of hearing …

Watch Dogs hot dogsWatch Dogs wash dogs

Others may have missed the point …

Watch Dogs Dog Simulator

Even getting started is a problem for some …

Watch Dogs Windows 7Watch Dogs Crashing

This might have something to do with Uplay …

Watch Dogs UPlayWatch Dogs UDon'tPlay

It’s making some Steam users a little touchy …

Watch Dogs swearingWatch Dogs sphincter

But, hey, plenty of people love it …

Watch Dogs BatmanWatch Dogs rappersWatch Dogs yiffing

And the hacking device is being put to good use …

Watch Dogs StoleWatch Dogs fedoraWatch Dogs SodaWatch Dogs Dog accidentsWatch Dogs Lighthouse

Some gamers are just too easy to please …

Watch Dogs droveWatch Dogs buy this gameWatch Dogs parkimeter

Many are comparing Watch Dogs to other games …

Watch Dogs Fork LiftWatch Dogs SkyrimWatch Dogs Grand Theft iPhoneWatch Dogs GTA

 While some are taking this hacking business way too seriously …

Watch Dogs Anonymous





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