How to get your own personal Holodeck, courtesy of gaming goddess Jeri Ellsworth

Image Credit: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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These nerds have made a sort of Oculus Rift/Google Glass hybrid that promises to bring an immersive, Holodeck-like virtual reality straight to your face.

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s gamer goddess Jeri Freaking Ellsworth explaining how her little ol’ Kickstarter project works:

Brought to you by Technical Illusions, the castAR system “combines the best elements of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into one lightweight package! Utilizing a technology we call “Projected Reality,” castAR creates hologram-like images unique to each user. Simply attach our “VR clip-on” and the glasses transform into fully immersive Virtual Reality experience.”

(Honestly, the concept puts us in mind of the Moverio units that we got our hands on at CES earlier this year. Those specs came from Epson and are consumer-ready with a $700 pricetag.)

The whole castAR system will set you back $345 for a pre-order that includes the glasses, a magic wand, and a 1 square-meter projection surface. Units should start shipping in September, the company says.

You can also tack on a few extras with your order. The AR/VR clip-on will cost you $85, and you can also get a tracking grid and precision bases to further amplify your virtual world.