Apple debuts iOS Family Sharing: Buy apps once, share them with the whole family

Today, Apple announced a new “Family Sharing” feature for iOS 8, permitting families of up to six members to share purchased apps, photos, videos, calendars, and reminders.

Aside from the convenience of family sharing, the new feature will surely save families money. In addition, Apple details that Family Sharing also permits kids to ask parents automatically if they can purchase a new app.

Apple's iOS Family Sharing

Above: Apple’s iOS Family Sharing.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

It’s noteworthy that Apple’s Family Sharing feature is restricted to family members who use the same credit card payment details — so no Sprint-like “framily” deal for pooling apps with your friends.

After a major iOS revamp last year, Apple today announced iOS 8, an update meant to refine much of what its predecessor introduced. Read about iOS 8 here.

For all of VentureBeat’s WWDC coverage, head here.

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keith maxx
keith maxx

Now this is a worthwhile idea. So if you share credit card info with your friends, they can basically use this feature too?

Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson

I see Apple are 'innovating' again... But wait, Windows Phone has had this for some time.


FInally #Apple will Have a usefull messaging app looks like #whatsapp . But its not Lalalama

Paul Meekin
Paul Meekin

Meanwhile I'm over here still trying to figure out how to exclude my family from my Netflix Instant 'recently watched' list.