Tetris is 30! Take a look at this little game’s gigantic influence on culture

Above: Happy birthday, you blocky masterpiece.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

If Tetris was a person, we’d ironically be seeing a few lines on its aging forehead.

Thirty years ago today, Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov created the original version of Tetris on an Elektronika 60 computer. The simple but addicting puzzle game would eventually made a huge impact on the industry, notably with highly successful 8-bit versions on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

To celebrate this special occasion, we’ve put together a bunch of videos that show the giant impact Tetris has made on our culture.

First, learn the early history of Tetris, courtesy of the BBC

Jeez, that got a bit bleak toward the end.

Now, let’s get in the mood with some Tetris a capella

YouTube musician Smooth McGroove has covered a lot of video game music, but this is still one of his most popular.

Take a look at the largest game of Tetris ever played

These guys are playing Tetris on the side of the 29-story tall Philadelphia Cira Center building. You can learn more about this crazy experiment from Ars Technica.

Watch someone get the max score in Tetris for the Game Boy

999,999 is such a high score that it doesn’t even bother counting any more points.

Tetris explains the history of the Soviet Union

Tetris, apparently, is a great educational tool.

But what would a Tetris movie be like?

I’m actually surprised Roland Emmerich hasn’t bought the right yet.

Of course, a Tetris movie probably isn’t coming any time too soon, but the franchise has become a blockbuster in its own right. Our parents may not know who Samus or Master Chief are, but I bet they’ve played at least one round of Tetris. Its appeal crosses generations, and I’m sure we’ll still talk about it in another 30 years.

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Nicandro Martínez
Nicandro Martínez

He's 30, he's unemployed, doesn't shave and still lives with his parents

Markus Aurelius Harunicus
Markus Aurelius Harunicus

It's such a shame the original creator of this awesome game never got a single penny for his work.

Writamvar Bugga
Writamvar Bugga

This was my favorite handheld.. I've missed school bus, homework, TV Shows etc because of this single game!.. back then, Tetris helped me cope up with when boring relative's showed up ;)

Steve Spatucci
Steve Spatucci

I failed a class in college because of Tetris. Can I get a refund for those credits, Mr. Pajitnov?

Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson moderator VB Staff

A Tetris movie would be better than Battleship

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