Destiny beta: PlayStation Plus members will only get access if they preorder

Above: Bungie's collaborative shooter Destiny in action.

Image Credit: Bungie

Update: This article originally said that all PS Plus subscribers would get into the Destiny beta based on a PlayStation blog post. That is wrong. Sony worded its post incorrectly, and we’ve updated this story to reflect that.

Bungie recently held a short testing phase for its upcoming shooter Destiny on PlayStation 4. Now, the developer is getting ready for another test that you will have access to if you preorder the game.

The Destiny beta test starts on July 17 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and anyone preorders the game will get access to the beta.

Destiny is an open-world online shooter that has players exploring several locations throughout our solar system. Players choose their class and fight through battles to level up and collect loot and better equipment. The shooter even has massively multiplayer-online-style elements that will have large groups of gamers working together in public events. That includes taking on enemies that are way too powerful for a small group to eliminate quickly.

Gamers started up the alpha test more than 6 million times, according to Bungie, and this next test will likely serve even more people.

While PS Plus subscribers may spend a big portion of July playing the Destiny beta, PS4 owners can also download the four-player fighter Towerfall Ascension and sidescrolling platformer Strider at no additional cost. As part of PS Plus’s Instant Game Collection feature, PS3 owners will get Dead Space 3 and Vessel, while Vita gamers will get Doki Doki Universe and Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes.

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Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez

Awesome! Now I can refund my preorder and play the beta with my Playstation Plus membership!

Keith Hill
Keith Hill

I'd also like to point out that your information is completely wrong.  You MUST preorder the game to get beta access.

In addition, this statement is rather pointless: "but you need a PS Plus subscription for online multiplayer on PS4"

The entire game is multiplayer only.  You CANNOT play this game offline, so you will need a PS+ or Xbox Live subscription to play this game at all.

Keith Hill
Keith Hill

Why is this article written like the game is a PS4 exclusive? The game and the beta are not exclusive to PS4.  They are both also coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.  

kozmo kramer
kozmo kramer

@Keith Hill B/c the beta is coming on PS4 first, that and as far as I know, you still need a preorder code to play beta on the Bone. So in that sense, it kinda is an exclusive beta. Its not going to be open to EVERYONE on the other systems.

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