Nintendo Rewards my Loyalty

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Tonight I sat and thought about how I wanted games like Castle Crashers, A Kingdom for Keflings and Penny Arcade 3&4 from Zeboyd games on my 3DS. Of course I know none of these game will come even though I would love this to happen. However, my loyalty to owning all three versions of Castle Crashers and two versions of Keflings has gotten me nothing, but a great game experience. Should loyalty be rewarded with gifts or cool things to show how much your appreciated with trinkets that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Nintendo has been rewarding members for a while with Club Nintendo. Of course, you have to enter a code and fill out a less than a two-minute survey about the game. This year I realized that obtaining the points weren’t hard when it is the only console you play. Playing the Nintendo Wii U does have its disadvantages like being my awesome 350 dollar paperweight for over a year before Mario Kart 8 came out. Then getting the Zelda brand 3DS for Christmas also helped since I play it more than ever. So with each new game, console and post play survey’s my club points went up.

Now club points you can use whenever, but that is when you realize that you can obtain gold or platinum rewards. It appears each year runs from July to June 30th to start obtaining to these rewards. Being in either gold or platinum Nintendo gives you a short list to select something cool from. Of course these items aren’t big, but for being loyal it is nice trinket of good faith.

Even though Nintendo may not have the best system that everyone wants in the Wii U (though they have more handhelds sold than Sony’s PlayStation Vita), one thing they do have going is an awesome loyalty program for those that stay true faithful fans or those who just know that it is out there for them. So I give a big thank you to Nintendo for caring about the loyal fans out there.

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MJ King
MJ King

And this year that "awesome loyalty program" just took a big crap on all the faithful fans.

Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro

Unless... you're living in Central or Southern America. Games come in flaring these rewards in every box, but they're not available over here. I keep wondering why...

Alexander Bujold
Alexander Bujold

@Daniel Castro The Rewards weren't always available in the US either, but just Japan.

I'm not sure of the reason why there were only available in Japan, though, but I feel your pain.

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