Before our American friends start their Fourth of July activities, we strongly suggest they pregame by reading some reviews by our awesome community over at GamesBeat Unfiltered.

Inside, you’ll find opinions on recent releases like Valiant Hearts and not-quite-as-recent stuff like Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and the first Dark Souls. We’ve also included a story that’s more of a preview than a review, but we let it slide since it’s about a neat game we haven’t heard much about.

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Now, enjoy the reviews, and have a great weekend!

Valiant Hearts: A truly great war game
By Justin Brenis

“It appears that violence in games is an unavoidable, necessary tool to tell an interactive story and make it accessible to as many players as humanly possible. Or at least it was until now.”

The Art of Death: My Dark Souls review
By Joel Castro-Reyes

“Dark Souls succeeds where Demon’s Souls fell short—and ultimately becomes the better game because of it.”

Enjoying the fire in Dark Souls.

Above: Enjoying the fire in Dark Souls.

Wii U indie title Temple of Yog offers old-school challenge and charm
By Louie Castro-Garcia

“Temple of Yog is tough, and like the Souls series, you will find yourself dying quite often—that is, until it ‘clicks.'”

The Resurrection of Diablo 3
By Peter Livingston

“I’m still playing Diablo III, and I’m still loving it. Why am I still loving it? Because I’m having fun playing a game with friends! Blizzard has done it.”