Xbox Live is down for many Xbox One owners

Above: You can't play Titanfall on Xbox One if you can't sign into Xbox Live.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

We reported earlier today that the PlayStation Network was experiencing connection issues. And now, Microsoft’s online service is having problems of its own.

A number of people are reporting that they cannot sign into Xbox Live. The service’s status website confirms the errors, and Microsoft says it is working on it. Some Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are also having trouble accessing content that they purchased previously from Xbox Video.

“It’s come to our attention that some of our members are unable to sign in to Xbox Live,” reads a post on the Xbox Live status website. “You can rest assured knowing that we’re doing all that we can to correct this issue right away. Thanks for being patient while we work.”

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to ascertain the cause of the outage.

Sony’s problems today stem from a huge number of people flooding PlayStation Network to start playing the beta test for developer Bungie’s highly anticipated sci-fi shooter, Destiny. That went live at 10 a.m. Pacific, and the service has had intermittent issues since then.

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Corey Sullivan
Corey Sullivan

You all are right. Nothing should ever go wrong... ever. Hopefully next time we just fire the entire tech team because there won't be any problems.

Always unforseable problems and glitches

Steve Slaughter
Steve Slaughter

There have bern problems for quite a few days now and every day it has just gotten worse. Good job Team Xbox, you just made the problem worse.

I guess tgis proves that the rediculous number of Xbox Live servers they said they added for this gen was a complete llie..... Not at all surprised though, I guess they couldn't keep of with all that powerful cloud computing... Lmao.

allan lozada
allan lozada

Dude i wake up in a bad mood hoping to blow of steem as i rampage through the city as a pilot in titanfall but instead i get this.. and now im jist sitting here even more pissed contemplating wethere ornot to run through my living room wall.

Louie Chapman
Louie Chapman

This is incredibly Bullsh*t

You would think if you gonna buy something expensive it would actually word. Are the next gens actually consoles or are they just a $700 paperweight

Steve Slaughter
Steve Slaughter

In most cases your sarcastic comment would be valid. Unfortunately when it comes to the Xbox One Microsoft can't seem to get much right... Or much of anything lately when you take Windows, WP8, Surface, Zune, etc.

Huh, what have they got right in the last 10 years if you take Windows Xp and the Xbox 360 out of the equation? And even those are debatable.

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