Destiny’s beta getting ‘party stabilization’ errors on Xbox One — Bungie has a fix

Above: A screenshot from Destiny.

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The Destiny beta is finally underway for Microsoft consoles, and developer Bungie is squashing some problems during the test.

Some players are coming across issues in the sci-fi shooter when they try to play online with others in the Xbox One version. It’s presenting a “party stabilization” error to a number of people, and the problem will only go away if you employ a classic all-purpose fix for tech errors (No! Don’t hit it with a hammer!). This comes after the demand for Destiny strained the PlayStation Network after the beta debuted on PS4 and PS3 last week. Bungie is running the beta to find and eliminate bugs like these.

If you’re getting errors on Xbox One, Bungie’s help account on Twitter has a way to fix … and yes, it’s the first step you always get when you call your cable company for tech support.

If you have your Xbox One set to the default power setting, it never really turns off. The system has a standby mode that draws power so it can automatically update games and perform other functions while appearing like it is turned off. That’s why unplugging the system is important. Alternatively, you could try a hard reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds, which is similar to unplugging the console’s power.

Destiny launches Sept. 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. It’s the first non-Halo game from Bungie since it bought its independence from Microsoft, and the studio is hoping to establish it as a major franchise moving forward. To that end, this beta test is to ensure that Destiny has a strong launch that gives players a positive first impression.

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elster elster
elster elster

What worked for me, and what unplugging your console may inadvertently do, is I had to Quit the Party app.  I was not in a party, but my party app was still "open".  I had to hover over the party app, press start, and then quit.  After this was closed it worked fine.

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