Dark Souls II Season Pass now available at discount

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In theory, a digital download game should never go “out of stock” … but it happened earlier this week with the Dark Souls II Season Pass at Green Man Gaming. On Tuesday this week, Dark Souls II got its first DLC expansion “Crown of the Sunken King”. Around the same time, GMG had the Season Pass up on their site (which includes Sunken King and 2 other expansions) at a 20% discount from $25 to $20. That sold out early morning Tuesday, but today they must’ve finally gotten more game keys in – the deal is back on with the same discount after coupon.

Dark Souls II Season Pass — $20 after coupon (normally $25)
– Use Coupon Code: P36EYA-K5JYKT-ABO7X9

You’ll have to act fast to take advantage of the deal. Green Man’s coupon code is set to expire tomorrow, July 25th at 10am Pacific.

In other PC gaming news, 2K titles are dirt cheap, especially BioShock Infinite for only $7.50. That ties Infinite’s lowest price ever, last seen during the Steam Summer Sale. GameFly is running discounts up to 80% off select 2K PC Downloads, and anything priced over $10 after the instant discount can take advantage of a coupon code to drop the price a further 20%.

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