If Mirror's Edge's Faith had a dating site profile

We could all use a little Faith.

Above: We could all use a little Faith.

Image Credit: GamesBeat
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Welcome to another edition of Extra Hearts, our dating site for everyone’s favorite video game characters. This time, we look at the free-spirited Faith from Mirror’s Edge, the popular first-person parkour game that’s getting a reboot for new-gen consoles. Will she run into the arms of a new love? Let’s find out.

Extra Hearts: Faith

Likes: Freedom, independent music, and the color red.

Dislikes: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the new Total Recall, and the new Robocop.

I can’t live without: Running. It’s the only thing that makes me feel free. Well, that and shooting policemen in the face with their own guns. That makes me feel a little free too.

Ethnicity: I’m half asian and half white, also known to most of you as asian.

Our first date: I’ll find us a secluded spot on a rooftop, and we can wax philosophical about how the city is dead and people have no souls anymore and stuff.

You should message me if: You don’t think all female heroes should look like Jessica Rabbit.


Extra Hearts: Faith Extra Hearts: FaithExtra Hearts: Faith

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