Kabam teams with State of Decay studio to create Pokémon-esque mobile game

Above: Kevin Chou, CEO of Kabam, at ChinaJoy

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Fresh from its $120 million venture round, mobile game publisher Kabam is teaming up with Seattle developer Undead Labs to create Moonrise, a new role-playing game for mobile devices.

San Francisco-based Kabam may likely publish more games like this one now that it has raised money from China’s Alibaba Group. Kabam chief executive Kevin Chou said at the ChinaJoy conference that Kabam’s value has topped $1 billion and that the company is seeking to take Western games to Asia — and vice-versa.

Undead Labs released the acclaimed State of Decay, a zombie survival-fantasy game, in 2013, and it became a million-copy seller. Moonrise, which features Pokémon-esque critters, debuts at the Aug. 29 at the PAX Prime convention in Seattle.

“We are thrilled to partner with Undead Labs. They are a veteran team that has worked on some of the greatest game franchises of all time,” said Aaron Loeb, senior vice president of Kabam’s North American Studios. “Their new creation, Moonrise, will bring a truly next generation mobile experience to gamers around the world.”

Kabam has games like Kingdom of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis, and The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. Each of those has generated more than $100 million in revenue, and Chou said the company plans to make more than $500 million in revenue in 2014.

Undead Labs was founded in 2009 by industry veteran Jeff Strain, whose careers includes work at Blizzard Entertainment programming for StarCraft and Diablo as well as forming the team that kicked off development of World of Warcraft. Strain also cofounded ArenaNet, where he was programmer and executive producer for the Guild Wars franchise, which went on to sell more than six million copies over two games.

“We’re a gamer-focused studio with a great console pedigree,” said Strain. “And Kabam is a world-class publisher focused on delivering console-quality games on mobile devices. It’s a perfect match.”

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Kabam is the leader in the western world for free-to-play core games with 1st and 3rd party published titles available on mobile devices and the Web. The company is revolutionizing the video games industry by innovating in the business... read more »

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Lucy Woo
Lucy Woo

i would not recommend anyone to ever pay to play a kabam games, u will get kabammed, they dont care about the players they only care about laughing at you, i play raven march a new game from kabam, and they screwed players left and right on that game, some stupid ones spent loads on game, we are server 10 there, and they in 3 weeks merged us with server 8, which is 3 weeks older then we are, 3 weeks in game woeld is huge, we are behind in everything, we went from being 1st on server to last, not only are we last we are behind in the faction quest by over 100 points, paople didnt spend there cash on a new server to be put on an older server and get screwed, and btw, there are servers that been there ages asking for merge and they wont merge them, they merged 2 servers that were both active, i know cus i am not in 2 factions on that server, if i new 3 weeks and we be merged i never go to that server, u assume u join a game and spend some mi\oney you wont get treated that badly, and when we ask why, we get no response, also there is no one ever to answer any questions, so its like they just toy with people, this can happen on any kabam game, so if i was you, i play there games as a free player, and when they screw u, u didnt give anything.

Lucy Woo
Lucy Woo


Lucy Woo
Lucy Woo

MORE, And one peaceful server is now being dictated by the other... there are a lot of coiners that will no longer pay to you Kabam. You should have merged the stronger servers with the weaker ones, but you never listen, Kabam I am so pissed at you right now. My husband and I have spent hundreds of dollars building up our sever and you merge us with 11 and 13. Way to go Kabam I want back every cent back I put into this game. So easily do I get kicked out of my Kings spot and you add people that don't even know us to the game. They come in and treat us like shit. I'm so done with you Kabam., people assume when they join a server they will be on it for a few months, not a few weeks kabam, u merged cus u plan so badly stuff, now u lose ,ore money and people just stop playing kabam games, well thank you Kabam for f-ing everything up!!! I sure as hell won't spend a dime on the game now! Server 12 was doing great until you merged us! Now the new people come in and treat us like we're shit under their feet, Yes many are quitting. Disappointment at losing their Palace spots and having to face 10 levels higher is total nonsense. They created division in the faction, and if Kabam thinks that by launching another server to get the coiners to start playing again, it's just plain stupidity because the people have become tired of this routine. Kabam looks at the players like stupid sheep that will keep following because it thinks it's so great, and any coiner that bites again deserves to be set up to disappointment again and again. You had my money Kabam now good bye to you. I don't like working for nothing.

Many players worked hard to get their Palace positions and you throw a mere pittance of 100 diamonds, that is how cheap you are and we all know it will take more than 100 diamonds to make up for the difference. I think it's mostly that the people are tired of trying to gain something in fun and comradeship and then you pitch everyone into chaos because you're not interested in players enjoying the game, you're only interested in how the media will praise you , calling Kabam worthy blah blah blah, but Kabam has become synonymous to evil. And why should anyone feed that evil?

Lucy Woo
Lucy Woo

here is what thousands experience on kabam games they opened server 10 3 weeks after server 8, and merged them when they have dead servers, server 10 was not dead at all, in yellow faction we went from in points by maybe 30 to under 100 points in 1st and we are now last, they will do same to u, the server was not even open 1 month, they screwed all the people in yellow becauase now we fight server 8 things not server 10, we were pushed ahead 3 weeks and they gave little for it, and to top it off gave to everyone in merge, you will want to play game free, no need to waste ur cash, cus in the end they will just sit back and laugh at u, look those stupid people spend, lets screw them and maybe they spend more is kabams thing, they make more then enough money to make player happy also but yet they decide to screw them, only way to stop is to play free and no one spend, ist there thing, you have been kabamed, btw the game is new, so if they merge should merge games that the servers open same time, game is ravenmarch, but they do this to all games this is normal for kabam to screw people out of money, they on purpose have people spend then they turn around and screw them, they spend to be high in server then they merge them with a way older werver and the people on the newer servers get screwed, if the server doesnt spend they dont merge, there fore on the newer server, and on a new game 3 weeks makes a huge difference, they say to the people on the nerwer server, ha ha, you have been KABAMED , COMMENTS ON THERE FORUMS, AND BY THE WAY, THEY DONT ANSWER QUESTIONS AND NEVER GET BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU CONTACT THEM I so agree - beyond words - with this thread, and how Kabam literally messed up in merging Server 10 with Server 8. They ruined a good server, plus comradeship between players, sent them spiraling into disappointments, and Kabam wants to wash its hands clean. I would not want to be in Kevin Chou's shoes when his karma comes. Stop being so fking greedy and give dues where they are deserved, not just for us, but to appease the people's anger and frustrations which you've incited upon yourself ! You stupid man, and you think you are a genius? You're crawling in the mires, and you don't even see it !!!, I notice a lot of the coiners from 10 did not go to 8.They just quit.Can't hardly blame them either.Spent there money to gain an advantage and then they are bottom feeders on the new server.,we dont need merges... what we do need currently the most is the goddamn bugs to be fixed... week goes by without any news and bugs are still present.. id say you guys got some amateur developers over there, Also, Palace positions disappearing , there's going to be bloody hell in same Factions, with 2 strong servers battling it out. Kabam, sorry, but you seem to enjoy killing your game. It would make more sense to join a weak server with a strong server. Who's bright idea was this in the development team?,

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