More photos of the iPhone 6 just leaked, possibly showing its camera, home button, and more

Image Credit: Feld and Volk
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A new leak claims to show the rear shell of Apple’s iPhone 6, providing yet another look at what could be the iPhone’s redesigned body.

The new images, published by Feld & Volk, a company that adds luxurious modifications to iPhones, seems to be consistent with previous leaks. The photos were first discovered by MacRumors and show a rear casing that’s thinner, larger, and features the same curved edges we’ve seen in photos over the past several months.

It’s unclear if the components shown in the photos are for the rumored 4.7-inch model or the larger 5.5-inch iteration. The most notable takeaways are the recessed volume buttons cutouts (shown below), which would mark a change from the circular buttons on the current iPhone 5s.


The camera also protrudes from the back of the device, unlike the iPhone 5s’ camera. MacRumors notes that the 5.5-inch “iPhablet” is rumored to have a protruding camera, so it’s possible that this component is for the larger model.


Finally, another photo from Feld & Volk shows a flex cable that could be used for the iPhone 6’s home button with embedded fingerprint sensor. We’ve seen a similar cable in previously leaked photos.


In about a month, we’ll likely know for sure whether or not these leaks are legitimate. Apple is expected to hold a press event on Sept. 9, where it will presumably unveil its new iPhone(s).

This story originally appeared on Business Insider.