Mobile fighting-game fans now have two interesting options for brawling on Nintendo’s handheld consoles.

The first is the GameCube-controller hack for 2DS we reported on yesterday, and the second is this chunky-looking arcade stick designed to fit straight on the 3DS XL.

Of course, whether you can use it for Super Smash Bros. 3DS, which releases in October, depends on the highly anticipated game’s use of the D-pad for movement — the arcade stick sits of top of the D-pad, not the circle pad. Customization details for Smash Bros.’ controls are hazy right now.

The Cyber-Arcade stick comes in two parts for easier storage and then clips together at the rear to hold it on your console. It has pads on the base to help it stay in place while you’re beating heads.

Japanese store Cyber Gadget is releasing the arcade stick add-on in late October. It’s priced at 3,000 Japanese yen, around $30.

There’s no word on a release outside Japan right now.

The base of the Cyber-Arcade stick for Nintendo 3DS XL.

Above: The base of the Cyber-Arcade stick for Nintendo 3DS XL.

Image Credit: Inside Games

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