Sony’s PlayStation 4 can’t quit. Won’t quit. It doesn’t even know how to quit.

During its press event at the GamesCom 2014 conference in Cologne, Germany, today, the company revealed that it has already sold 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles around the world. This has Sony well positioned to capture a vast portion of the multibillion-dollar console gaming market.

“To be clear, that’s 10 million PS4s sold through to gamers,” Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jack Ryan said.

At 10 million, Sony is further cementing the PlayStation 4’s sales lead over the Xbox One. While Microsoft’s console is selling well, too, it continues to struggle to keep up with the PS4.

Microsoft has only confirmed that it has shipped around 6.1 million Xbox Ones to retailers, so that number doesn’t represent how many consumers have actually bought the system. The strong performance of the PS4 has forced Microsoft to respond by cutting the price of the Xbox One to match the price of Sony’s console and by purchasing the exclusive launch rights to games like Tomb Raider.

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