Mozilla recycles ‘Flame’ Firefox OS smartphone launch

Update 09:48 p.m. PT: The Flame device started shipping last month. We sincerely regret the error and have updated the story below.

Mozilla today announced that it has begun shipping its “Flame Developer reference phone” to Firefox OS app developers, “Mozillians,” and anyone else who opted to fork over $170 for the device during the pre-order stage.

Only, Mozilla already began shipping the device on July 15. That didn’t stop one of the company’s PR firms, Allison PR, from re-announcing the release. You can read our full write up on the device here.

The Mozilla Flame phone was first revealed in detail back in May. The device, built by Alcatel, represents Mozilla’s seventh publicly available iteration on the Firefox OS concept. If you didn’t pre-order the phone, it’s available for purchase here.

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If you’re simply interested in a closer look at the latest of many Firefox OS devices, you may enjoy Mozilla’s newest official video of the handset:

More information:

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Nadav Ben-Haim
Nadav Ben-Haim

Fail. Mozilla sucks and it should go away into the dustbin of history

Amit Dixit
Amit Dixit

Wrong Question, Dev. always see potential in shittiest of things!