Uber announced today that it has received temporary, emergency permission to operate its UberX ride sharing service in Pennsylvania, following threats from the state’s Public Utility Commission.

Specifically, Uber’s been granted an “Emergency Temporary Authority (ETA),” which Uber calls on its company blog “an important first step along the path to finding a permanent home for ride sharing” in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Uber made clear in an official announcement that this isn’t a long-term success:

We’ve made great progress in Pittsburgh so far, but we still need the PUC to develop a long-term solution to ensure your city – and others across the state – has access to the same transportation options and business opportunities you rely on to travel safely around town and make a living.

Uber’s UberX service differs from its black car and SUV options. In most U.S. states, UberX enables drivers to transport passengers without a commercial license. This, of course, has led to some clashes in heavily regulated states, including Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia.

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