Some quests never end, especially if they’re part of a free-to-play mobile game.

Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest, which combines the trading card game Magic: The Gathering with the match-3 mechanics of Puzzle Quest, received its first big update today. The game is available for iOS and Android and launched last December. The update balances more than 20 cards and adds 25 Heroic encounters (fights against strong computer-controlled opponents).

The mobile industry was worth $30 billion in 2015, according to market research firm Newzoo. Updates to mobile games like this can help keep players engaged, which makes them more likely to spend money. Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest also have a chance to take advantage of another lucractive market: digital card games. While not a pure card game like Hearthstone or Magic: Origins (a more literal mobile game based on Magic: The Gathering), the Puzzle Quest version can still attract fans of the genre. SuperData Research expected sales for digital card games to be worth $1.2 billion in 2015.

Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest can also attract fans of match-3 puzzle games, which are some of the most popular kinds of apps on mobile. Candy Crush Jelly Saga, one of the most played match-three games, is currently the No. 5 most downloaded free game on iTunes, according to AppAnnie. Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest is ranked as the No. 551 puzzle game on iTunes by AppAnnie.

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