If you have ever wanted to carry around sex-positive goths in your pocket, you may get the opportunity to help make that happen.

Developer Rocket Lolly Games is bringing its rhythm-game adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to crowdfunding website Kickstarter on April 27 to help bring the project to life. The studio is already working on it and has plans to release The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me as a free-to-play smartphone app in 2017, but it is also hoping to get a boost from fans to ensure it hits that goal. Mobile gaming is a $34.8 billion business, and a digital Riff Raff doing the pelvic thrust is definitely worth a few of those clams.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult-classic film that still regularly plays in theaters around the country. Rocket Lolly co-director Oscar Clark points out that those screenings are about feeling involved in the onscreen action, and he wants to bring some of that to Touch Me.

“Central to the joy of The Rocky Horror Show is the amazing audience participation experience,” he said. “We feel it’s important to bring that key element or sensation into our game.”

To help convince fans that it is on the right path, Rocket Lolly released the first gameplay footage to show what it’s going for. This is clearly prototype action, but you can quickly see that the studio wants to make something like Elite Beat Agents or Dance Dance Revolution.

Check out the video below:


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