This was a big day for Sony.

Ending months of speculation and rumor, Sony finally showed off the updated version of its PlayStation 4 console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. But we also got a look at a slimmer model based on the original PS4 hardware, and we got to see some games running on the 4K-enabled Pro.

You can see every announcement and major game trailer below.

The PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony’s upgraded console comes out on November 10 for $400.

The slimmer PlayStation 4

This new model of the PlayStation 4 replaces the original and is more energy-efficient. It comes out on September 15 for $300.

Forward compatibility

Patches for older PlayStation 4 games can make then run better and look nicer on the Pro.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 Pro

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