Sony has some secrets it’s getting ready to tell the world about … OK. I’m sorry. I can’t write that with a straight face. “Sony” and “secrets” look funny in the same sentence. Regardless, the publisher is finally going to detail its new PlayStation 4 consoles tomorrow.

You should expect to learn about the PS4 Slim and codenamed Neo tomorrow and potentially more about the launch of PSVR. Of course, people already own and are reviewing the Slim (although YouTube is taking those videos down). And fans likely know a lot about the Neo after multiple leaks about that system. But consumers are still interested in seeing how Sony messages the first launch of a mid-cycle upgrade for a major dedicated gaming console. While competitor Microsoft announced the similarly improved Xbox One Scorpio at the the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in June, that system won’t debut until late 2017.

Reports claim that the Neo is a much more powerful PS4 that specializes in the 4K resolution, which is four times the number of pixels of your standard 1080p screen. But this isn’t going to be the PS5 because, according to reports, every new game for the foreseeable future will run on all PlayStation 4 systems, which includes both the 2013 original and the Neo. This could make some fans feel like they wasted their money if they recently purchased the PS4, and Sony will likely have to build its messaging around that.

The Slim will likely officially go on sale soon considering many retailers already have it. The Neo may soon follow. And we already know that PSVR is coming in October. Let’s see what else Sony has to say about these new products.

You can watch the event live below or on the company’s website. It begins at noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, September 7. Let’s watch:

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