The PlayStation 4 has shed some weight.

Sony showed off the new PlayStation 4 model during its event in New York City today, along with the beefier new PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony says that it is slimmer and more energy-efficient than the original console. It will have the same components as the original PS4 and will be in most markets by September 15 and cost $300. It is now the new standard model of the PS4, replacing the original that came out in 2013.

While the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro will include improved hardware, this new model will have the same specs as the original PlayStation 4 in a smaller shell. While the Pro could appeal to hardcore gamers who want the latest and greatest, the slim model can find a market with consumers looking to get a PlayStation 4 on a tighter budget.

Sony has created slim versions of all of its previous home consoles, so this isn’t a huge surprise.