Human beings seem to really like card games and illustrated facsimiles of other human beings. Now, those beloved pastimes are joining forces.

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is the newest game from GameStop’s digital-gaming division Kongregate, and it’s available now on iOS and Android. This free-to-play card battler is hoping to get your attention by featuring characters from Fox Digital’s lineup of animated television shows. FuturamaAmerican DadFamily GuyKing of the Hill, and Bob’s Burgers are all included in the action, and you’ll of course have the opportunity to earn cards featuring fan favorites from those franchises. Mobile gaming is a $36.6 billion industry, and card gaming is separately worth $1.2 billion. Kongregate and Fox Digital are hoping to get a piece of that cash.

Games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a megapopular card battler from publisher Blizzard, generate $20 million in revenue each month. No other digital card game does those kinds of numbers, but Kongregate and Fox Digital could still end up with a profitable game. That’s because marketing is the most difficult and expensive part of mobile development, but with characters like Brian the Talking Dog, Mother Murderer Stewie Baby, and Abusively Drunk Robot Bender (I think these names are accurate), the game will have a built-in audience.

In addition to mobile, Kongregate plans to unleash Animation Throwdown on its own web-based gaming portal. On that site, it’ll sit alongside a huge number of flash games.

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