As if I didn’t feel guilty already about playing so many games and doing so little reading.

London-based developer Vindit has revealed Quote, an action role-playing game that’s about burning books, killing authors, and freeing people from the burden of knowledge. Its inspirations include surrealist art and classic literature. Quote will come out for Steam Early Access late this year, with a full release following in 2017.

“Remember that game you played when growing up? The one that seemed utterly magical? We want to make a game like that,” Vindit Games notes on its site. “Something people can get all mushy and nostalgic about in the pub years from now.”

Quote has been in development for two years. Typically, burning books is a behavior we attribute to fascists and evil minds. Novels — like Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” — have tackled the subject, but this is unique territory for gaming.