Pokémon Go has dropped to No. 2 on the iOS revenues charts, and now the game is refusing to work for many.

Developer Niantic’s location-based game that puts digital creatures in the real world with you using your smartphone’s camera isn’t functioning properly right now. Gamers around the world are reporting that while the Pokémon Go app will load up on iOS and Android, important features of the world map are not loading. The game has nothing where it would normally has pocket monsters, gym, and PokéStops.

This outage is not affecting features like the Buddy Pokémon system. If you are walking, the Pokémon Go app can still track your distance and award you candies for the creature you have set as your buddy. The same is true for hatching eggs.

These problems are not isolated to any one region. Fans on social networks like Twitter are reporting outages in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. I tested it out in Denver, and I was seeing the same problems as everyone else.

I’ve reached out to Niantic for a comment on these issues, and I’ll update this story with any new information.

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