Computer help service CrossLoop comes to the Mac

CrossLoop, a screen-sharing software service, has finally come to the Macintosh. Download its desktop application, log in, share your access code with a friend, and you can log in to see their computer and access it to help them fix problems. You can log in either between two Macs or between a Mac and a PC.

Online computer help company CrossLoop gets $6M

[youtube It can be hard to give somebody directions over the phone for how to use, say, a computer software program (example, via my mom: “Which button am I supposed to click on?”). CrossLoop offers a downloadable desktop-based application that lets you access and use another person’s computer interface, and let them watch what you do to help.

DEMO: Symantec launches Project Guru for family tech support

Everyone seems to have a “go to” geek among their extended family or group of friends — someone who handles all their tech problems for them. But that go-to geek doesn’t necessarily live close enough to drop in whenever there’s a problem. Symantec‘s new “Project Guru” service, which it’s announcing today, gives those geeks a way to provide tech support to friends and family members remotely.